LIGHT on BBC / Arabic | عرض فيلم ضوء على بي بي سي العربية

Tune in to watch  ‘LIGHT’ on BBC Arabic TV as part of the ‘alternative cinema’ programme the night of Sunday, October 11th at 19.06 GMT. 

The episode will be repeated on Monday, October 12th and on Thursday, October 15th at 22.06 GMT as well as on Saturday, October 17th at 21.06 GMT. 

 It will also be available online after its first broadcast and for 1 week on: 

For more information : Cinema Badila  _________________________________________________________________________________

! سيتم عرض فيلم ‘ضوء’ على محطة بي بي سي العربية في برنامج سينما بديلة يوم الأحد 11/10/2015 الساعة 19.05 بتوقيت غرينيتش. تابعونا

الأثنين في الساعة 22.05 غرينيتش
الخميس في الساعة 22.05 غرينيتش
السبت في الساعة 21.05 غرينيتش
معلومات: سينما بديلة

Berlin International Film Festival 2015 / Telefilm Canada’s Not Short on Talent

Looking forward to present LIGHT at the Berlin International Film Festival as part of the European Film Market screening of Canada’s Not Short on Talent, presented by Telefilm.

Check out the profiles of our producers Jenna Hambrook and David Findlay for more information on their completed and upcoming projects.

Telefilm Canada also named director Yassmina Karajah as one of the ten Canadian’s to watch at 2015 Berlin International Film Festival!

A huge thank you goes to Telefilm Canada for all the support!

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